About us

Mataki is a new Parisian fashion house created in 2016 by choreographer and dancer Matthieu Hocquemiller.
Matthieu has collaborated with a talented group of designers and stylists to create a contemporary, high-quality clothing range that is both ethical and gender-neutral.
Each collection is based on a very specific and unique edgy, androgynous look, available as a complete clothing range.
We want to work with top-quality materials, paying particular attention to the style, feel and cut.
We want to develop a clothing range in harmony with you and the world around you.
We want to move away from fast fashion and produce sustainable pieces.

Choosing our materials:

This is a long, meticulous process of meetings and research so we can choose materials and fabrics from suppliers based exclusively in France, Spain, Germany, Italy and the UK.
We work with brands that are concerned with quality.

Designed in Paris:

Our styles are created by our design team with a strong emphasis on precise, fluid, unisex cuts.

Made in France:

Our designs are then sent into production.
We only work with workshops and small companies in France, apart from our knitwear, which is made in Italy, near Venice.
This ensures we can guarantee a rigorous standard of expertise and social responsibility.